Hi guys!
Man have we been busy as bees.
We had our first filming! That was quite an experience. I can't say much about it because I want it to be a surprise for you all! :)
To answer a few of your questions that many have already asked...
-When will your episode air? - Well, it really depends on when exactly the Nonsense is complete! We are shooting to be done Nov. 1st, but obviously the air date will be far after that due to editing and such!
-Yes I do receive a copy of my episode, and there will be a viewing party of course! Stay tuned in a couple months for that date :) Will be a fiesta!
-What is the filming like? - Well they come on many visits (4-5) to film the progress of our build. We talk, film and work hands on with the main features of the house that truly make ours unique! We definitely have no shortage of these quirks to work on, and are excited to show all of you! The show is also interested in showing a lot of time lapses to catch little projects here and there along the way! So its kind of similar to what I have already been doing for this blog via my you tube videos.
-What are you getting out of this? - Well honestly, we aren't getting paid in the normal sense. I would say the payment is having such an amazing time showcasing our hard work, meeting cool production crews and gaining recognition for being DIY Tiny House builders!
I am happy how things are working out and wouldn't want to change a thing!

We also decided to change the name of the house from Wave Rider to the SS. Nautical Nonsense! We think that this is a more ship-like name and we think it fits us very well! :D

Now back to building progress!
We only have one more actual window to install. We installed the front door, cat windows, started on siding, trimmed up windows, prepped our flooring material, began plumbing and electrical install, picked out interior paint colors and wall material, and were ALMOST done with painting siding! ***FYI if I knew that this siding idea was so much work, I don't think I would have ever thought it was a good idea! I am hoping the payout is worth it!! I am really looking forward to seeing it done***
We are working as much as we possibly can on the house right now. Ben and I both have to keep our jobs to be able to afford to work through this processes so it has been a balancing act to get things done while also staying sane, getting enough sleep, and ensuring we get enough research in before we take on a new task that we have never done before (Basically for me, I have never done any of these things before). I am actually leaving one of my two positions so that this balancing act isn't so difficult!

I also finally edited some videos that Ben and I took when we were prepping the two loft windows for installation. Notice how in both videos I make a sawzaw noise. This wasn't planned, I am just that weird! Hahah!

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks since my last update!
Thanks for reading!

Yes the tyveck on the top layer is at an angle, and yes it drives me nuts that it didn't go on straight. an OCD person's nightmare. We will have to use another small piece to patch up the top right side where it mis-aligned. 

A picture of a wall of rain headed towards the house

Our two kitty cat windows and front door! 

the beginning of our siding, starting to look great!-Thank you Chloe for your hard work!! <3 

Being corny as we sand and prep our loft flooring :)

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