Moving Along

We met with our architect the other day, and he had some great tweaks to our design that we are super excited about!
Construction will wait until he gives us a materials list, and rough plan of action. I am so happy that we found such a nice architect!
Jacob is actually a teacher at Logan High School in La Crosse Wisconsin. He works there as the shop teacher and they just recently built a tiny house with his students! This means that he understands the level of construction know-how that I have and is willing to help me understand everything! I couldn't have asked for a better architect.

He also suggested that Ben and I go to Menards and buy this nail gun set with two nail guns ( a finisher and trimmer) as well as an air compressor for $200! It was a great deal at 60$ off retail value. We are so excited to use them!!

Now that I am done with school, the tiny house is in full swing! I have been doing hours of research every night and bugging Ben to also help with research. There is still so much that we don't know. What stresses me out the much is figuring out the zoning laws in Verona as well as applying for any special building permits... So if anyone is an expert on these things that is reading this, please share!!!

Also I wanted to share that a while back, I applied for the casting call for the HGTV show "Tiny House, Big Living". I received an email literally the same time I was meeting with my architect!! The woman was just asking me more detailed questions about my project and I answered them honestly. So we will see what comes of this! I unfortunately never heard back from "Tiny House Nation" but we will see if this show will have us on!

I am really stoked to get started with this!! I hope everyone else is ready to be called upon as volunteers because I will definitely need help from my community!


Graduation Debut

Thank you so much to all of my friends and family for signing the trailer! I will now build on top of well-wishes and carry the love and support with me wherever I go. 

I had a great graduation party and was so thankful that Ben was able to get the trailer to the park so that everyone could see that first, I am not kidding about actually building a tiny house and second, that I am that not crazy because it is actually much bigger in person that it sounds! 

I will always cherish these signatures! Thank you everyone for supporting my dreams! Love you all! 


Preliminary Plans

I have a WONDERFUL architect helping Ben and I out with design planning! His name is Jacob and he is a shop teacher at the Lacrosse High School. His class is actually building their own tiny house, so he is a very great resource! He gave us some preliminary 3-D images a few weeks back based off of our amateur plans. Will be uploading things like this here so that everyone can see the progress of our planning! We are hoping to begin construction as soon as Jacob provides us with a materials list for framing! It is very exciting!  

Porch side (back of the trailer) 

Inside with sunken hallway
 up to the bedroom loft and the "chill loft" on the other side. 

Front view from porch side showing the framing for the sunken hallway. 
another view of the sunken hallway/ bedroom loft :) 

Getting the Trailer

Here is the beauty. Our tumbleweed trailer has been acquired!
Thank you so much to Ben and Lee for trucking to Pennsylvania to get this!! And to my Mom and Brian for such an AWESOME graduation present!
 Seeing this picture makes everything seem more real!
 We have also been on the fence about whether or not we want to keep the full porch how it is, or cover it with flashing and just have a side porch. Not sure yet.
 We will need a better trailer ball once the house is finished, but for now it was pretty simple hauling it!
This is the beginning of an awesome adventure.
 Keep in touch with this blog to find out more about my tiny house and to find links to where we are researching!
 Also I will be making a facebook group for volunteers if you would like to keep up to date with times that Ben or I will be at the farm building.
We would really appreciate any and all help we can get! There will always be food and beer for those that come and help! Please check your facebook soon for this group.