Slowly moving along

So there have been a few things that have been holding us back from completing the tiny house on time.
We are realizing we know less about plumbing than we thought. There have also been a lot of endless nights of researching. Things online aren't so clear for the DIY'er, especially for plans that have never been forged before (like ours)
What makes our system so complicated is that we are using rainwater collection, and we are on wheels. These two aspects make everything about the plumbing, at least in my head, very very confusing.
We have had luck in finding someone who is willing to help us install, and discuss our rainwater purification system which is AMAZING. I am so happy we found the guys over at Rainwater management solutions, they have been SO helpful. We are also excited that he is going to make the trip from VA to WI to help us install the system.
What is also causing me some distress is finding the right person to help us with the basic plumbing. We've gotten quotes all over the board, as well as professionals who just flat out aren't comfortable working with something that is on wheels. There have been a lot of dead ends in the past couple weeks and it is very frustrating! There really are no codes for our project, so people have been pretty uncomfortable with working with us.
We are turning to hire a general contractor to help us continue to design our plumbing system and hopefully complete it for us in the very near future. We have a few meetings lined up this week to get quotes from contractors.

On another note, there has been a lot of woodworking things we have accomplished at the house including:
Finishing our cedar bevel siding prep
Re-doing our shingled corners so they are woven now
Refacing our cabinets to look like pirate whiskey barrels
Insulated the wheel well
Decided on interior wall and ceiling material and purchased
continued to sand our loft flooring
made the box that the rainwater pillow will sit in
Drilled drain holes and began propane piping for propane range
Ordered our solar power from Sol Solutions- we chose the Sol-Man classic.

The solar is actually something I am SUPER excited about. It is an all in one unit that is movable via bicycle wheels! This means it is super portable, user friendly, and able to chase the sun!
Image result for sol man classic

We mainly have been spending our time doing extensive research online, buying things here and there at the green store, and continuing small projects at the build site.
There hasn't really been anything picture or video worthy recently, sorry!
I have also been working a ton, and just left my job at the Hostel on the 11th.
I decided to cut back my hours working even more, which will help me a ton in the month to come.
We are still hoping and praying to be done with the house by November 1st. This is a pretty hard deadline for us, so we are going to hire whomever we can that will help us reach this goal.

Also, if you were ever thinking about possibly volunteering your time to help out, NOW IS THE TIME. Ben and I could seriously use any help we can get, even if its just painting things for a couple hours or grabbing some power tools! We really would appreciate it! We will take you out for lunch and provide drinks!

I am feeling a tad defeated after trying to figure out plumbing on my own and realizing I need a professional. There is just so much out there about plumbing, RV systems and tiny house specifics that I am having SO much trouble sorting through it all.

If anyone has any advice on this subject please let me know! I could definitely use any help or advice from anyone! Also taking suggestions for General contractors in the meantime.

Electrical is also proven to be taking longer than anticipated and we will need help from a contractor in order to get it done in time.

This month has been very frustrating for me and I am trying my best to make it through. There is just so much that I did not prepare for, and cannot find online that is specific for my project.
Wish me luck in the next couple weeks guys, I am gonna need it!

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