So earlier this week Ben and I met with our architect Jacob and we went over the tweaks. There are some windows that need to be moved, and the utility shed on the end of the trailer is going to be raised just tall enough so that two propane tanks can fit snugly underneath.
Here is some screenshots of our model!
Some of the windows in these screenshots aren't cut out out yet, but you can kind of get the gist from these pictures! We are really excited and LOVE our design. We think it will fit our lifestyle really well! We also got a materials list for all of the lumber that we will need, as well as other random building materials. I really like the price for all of the materials it rang up to $3,879. This price is for the entire shell! How great is that?!?! The real price comes in with the fluff to be added inside! 

Another big milestone happened we  purchased our composting toilet today! We are using the seperette model if anyone is curious, check it out! 

We are getting closer and closer each day to building this thing! I cannot wait to get started. We are now waiting for Jacob to fix a couple little things and give us our final construction documents! 

For those volunteering, these documents will be REALLY REALLY helpful for us all. They are going to break down each little section of wall and exactly what cuts need to be made and even what exact type of lumber size is needed! It will basically be like an instruction manual! Jacob actually built a tiny home with his high school carpentry class so I told him to pretend like I was just another student, learning how to build things. 

The big days that we will need as many volunteers as possible will be the days we put up the walls and the roofing/put in windows. This is a lot of big lifting that I will really appreciate help! 

I also wanted to update everyone on our potential TV debut! We had an interview with HGTV's "Tiny House, Big Living" last week! They seemed to really like our unique ideas and I am crossing my fingers we get on the show! They would just act as a "fly on the wall" documenting our progress and doing interviews! I am really really hoping that I will be able to be on the show, so everyone wish us luck! And hey that's just another reason for volunteers to show up right? You'd be on T.V! 

Everything is moving along smoothly here and we are trying to prep as much as we can before we actually build. We are actually looking for any tool rentals from friends or family that they would be willing to lend us. 

We REALLY need framing nail guns! So please ask around!

Thanks everyone so much for your support and I cannot wait to get started!!! We are getting so close!