We have a roof!

Wow it's been a crazy week!
I had surgery, some of my family came out to visit the house, and my mom was here to visit.
Some great progress has also been made on the house. We had Jacob come back for a visit to help us and man the time flew!
He was here on Tuesday and that day we were able to cut all of the rafters, hang them, and install the roof. I unfortunately could not get a very good angle for the time lapse of the roof, but you can see in the angle I did get that he moves fast!
I definitely don't know how to put together a roof and with me two stories up trying to install it would have been tough! You can see in the pictures below that I never actually went up on the roof, I was too nervous! That is why having Jacob here was so important, he has installed many roofs and was able to complete ours really efficiently. Ben has some experience being on top of roofs, but not actually installing them.
So I stayed on the ground and cut rafters, made runs to the hardware store, and made sure everything ran smoothly. I was in the background these last few days because I actually had to get my gall bladder removed.
Even though I was resting, we still got a ton done on the house this week!
Jacob also helped us plan our our electrical wiring. He walked us through each room and asked us what light switches we wanted where, how many lights, how many outlets etc. He actually just drew on the inside of the walls with a sharpie! It was really helpful though and makes it much easier for us to start working on the daunting task of electrical!
While working on our windows we had a pretty big hiccup. Because we price matched our windows from the green store to the orange store, the measurements for the rough opening of the window got lost in translation. The windows that we had were the wrong size for the rough opening we had planned for them to go. So, after I had a heart attack of course, we had to take the 2x4 sills and one of the window cripplers out from each of our windows and replace them with a 1x4 so that our windows would fit. It wasn't a huge deal, but it did waste time definitely.

Other than that hiccup, everything ran very smoothly out at the farm. We had another great time working with Jacob and the house is finally starting to look like a real home.
And as always, thanks to my Mom, Jacob, Dad and Bill for working so hard with me.
Take a look at some of the pictures I took and the time lapse over the big two days of work! :)

 This next one is a picture of our front door opening, loft and roof!

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