We had a great day on Sunday!
We were able to get up more sheathing, lift two more loft walls, and paint a bunch of cedar shingles! Thank you so much to Liesel, Chloe, Danny, my dad and Bill for all your help yesterday!
I love having volunteers out to see the project and be a part of it!
Here is the time lapse from yesterday cued in with a clever song :)

Here is Ben's friend Danny working on cutting pieces of sheathing

More signatures! 

Chloe, it means a lot to me that you came by and were able to sign it!! You've been through it all with me girl and I'm glad your well wishes will be with me for whatever you cannot! <3

I'm sure Ben would have the same to say about Danny! You guys have been friends forever and I know he loved seeing you Sunday!! 

Here are just a few more pictures from that day. 

We are receiving our window delivery tomorrow! So exciting!!

Soon we will have the roof on, and have it all sealed up with windows!

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