Ordering Materials

This week is the one!! We are going to start ordering our materials to build the framing!

Jacob has given us the preliminary plans, including cut lists and detailed instructions! (example below of the first step of making our tiny home)
The cut list on these diagrams is especially helpful because it gives us the exact measurements for every single cut of wood we will be doing!

We also got a framing nail gun this week, and an energy efficient TV sound system. (Ben has to get rid of his big subs we used in our apartment :( they will be missed)

I also ordered our mini Panda washer/dryer combo. Its an unconventional way to do laundry, but I think it will work out really well for our needs. Check out a video to learn more about how were choosing to do our off-grid laundry!


We are having meetings at Home Depot with managers to handle our large lumber order this week, so soon we will be off and running!
I also have been thinking a lot about putting together a team meeting for those of you who wish to volunteer your time and learn how to build a tiny house!
So please please please if you are interested at all in helping construct anything within our house, reach out to me via call/text/email/facebook and let me know! Soon I will be picking a date and time for a meeting, and also starting the build! Our architect Jacob has even offered to help us kick off the build soon!

Things are off to a great start and I know this month will be filled with a lot of big starts!
Thanks for reading!

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