Preliminary Plans

I have a WONDERFUL architect helping Ben and I out with design planning! His name is Jacob and he is a shop teacher at the Lacrosse High School. His class is actually building their own tiny house, so he is a very great resource! He gave us some preliminary 3-D images a few weeks back based off of our amateur plans. Will be uploading things like this here so that everyone can see the progress of our planning! We are hoping to begin construction as soon as Jacob provides us with a materials list for framing! It is very exciting!  

Porch side (back of the trailer) 

Inside with sunken hallway
 up to the bedroom loft and the "chill loft" on the other side. 

Front view from porch side showing the framing for the sunken hallway. 
another view of the sunken hallway/ bedroom loft :) 

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